Bespoke Holistic Facials in Kent

I am an experienced facial therapist who specialises in holistic treatments with an inside-out approach. I believe that what we put onto our skin is one of the least important parts of the equation – it is how we treat our bodies, how we touch our skin, and how we support our own wellbeing, that matter most of all. For this reason, all of my treatments are rooted in wellbeing first and foremost – I use Ayurvedic techniques to map the face and provide a truly holistic consultation process – this helps me better understand what is going on beneath the surface, and then guides me as I begin my work.

All treatments begin with a detailed consultation to help me create a clear picture of your lifestyle – from sleep and diet to stress, allergies and skincare history – allowing me to offer a facial that addresses the sources of skin imbalance, and works towards long-term, visible solutions.

I tailor every facial treatment to the individual and I pick and choose products and protocol as I go – absolutely everything is dependent on what your skin needs in the here and now. Skin does not only alter from season to season, it also shifts from day to day, affected by everything from emotional stress to hormonal cycles.

I work with only the very best, most effective and trusted all-natural skincare, and have developed my routines after over 18 years spent trialling and testing beauty products for magazines, as a beauty & wellbeing editor, where I was also Wellbeing Director at PSYCHOLOGIES magazine for 9 years.

We have one skin for life, so it’s crucial that we treat it with kindness and respect. I believe in a long-term, gentle, deeply restorative approach to skincare, and do not offer any quick fix, invasive or superficial treatments.

My treatments are informed by my career history and experience – blending my background as a beauty & wellbeing director, wellbeing author, and my professional training and apprenticeships as a skin therapist. I am not affiliated to any skincare brands, which means I am free to cherry-pick and tailor my choices. Through experience, I have come to favour the purest ranges and am a big believer in feeding the skin with natural and organic actives, but always balancing purity with efficacy – ensuring that your treatment is not just restorative and nourishing, but also makes a visible difference to the health and radiance of your skin. I use only 100% natural products, most of which are also organic and vegan, and I customise each treatment, choosing precisely what skin needs on the day.

I offer my unique facial treatments in two private and peaceful spaces – each Thursday at The Old Palace Retreat, in lush green surrounds, in Wrotham, and each Friday, at the beautiful Fisical Mind & Body, in Sevenoaks.