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The 360 | 90 minutes, includes holistic consultation &
personalised post-therapy recommendations / £125

Ideal for first-time clients, and those looking to take an inside-out approach to their skin

Beginning with an in-depth consultation, this unique experience offers an inside-and-out skin MOT that goes far beyond the aesthetic. Your bespoke facial will include detailed skin analysis, healing massage with rose quartz gua sha and jade rollers, therapeutic steam (with custom-chosen essential oils and flowers), extraction (if necessary), a gentle peel or enzymatic exfoliation, pressure point work and lymphatic drainage, and additional use of skin healing blue light (dependent on skin’s needs). Bespoke masks and custom-blended oils are also used throughout to ensure skin is drip-fed back to radiance. Following your treatment, a detailed letter is emailed the following day – comprised of holistic skin, lifestyle, dietary and wellbeing advice – with a view to setting you, and your skin, on a path to prolonged renewal and radiance.

The Monthly MOT | 90 mins / £110

A bespoke, intuitive, in-depth facial that brightens, hydrates, softens and perfects skin tone – a rebalancing and restoring therapy for healthy skin, all year round

After your detailed consultation, skin is double-cleansed and analysed under a magnifying lamp. All concerns – from dehydration to pigmentation – are addressed, with a series of bespoke massage, serum, oil and customise masks, therapeutic steam and gentle extraction, pressure point and lymphatic drainage work, with crystal tools – with the additional use of sonic and light treatments, dependent on skin’s needs.

The Skin Subscription | 12 x 90 minute facial therapies a year / £100/month

For regular clients, who wish to invest in a pre-booked Monthly MOT therapy, and save money over the course of the year. The skin subscription includes ongoing consultations, seasonal attunements, and 12 x facial therapies over the course of 12 months. You can choose to pay monthly, or annually, according to preference.

I am based at Fisical Mind & Body, in Sevenoaks, on Fridays only. To book a therapy with me, click here.